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CT Bids from Caring Transitions of Fredericksburg is Apart of Our Online Estate Auctions Services in Fredericksburg, VA and the Surrounding Areas

We want you to understand how easy it is for you to use our online estate auctions services in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas

As one of the top online estate auctions services companies in the area, we want you to understand how our online estate auctions services work. We can get rid of all of your personal items through our online portal making your estate sale process much easier. Caring Transitions will sit down with you and your family in a free consultation to discuss the items for sale, then we get to work by uploading them onto our CT Bids website.

What is CT Bids?

CT Bids is an application designed by Caring Transitions to help our clients and their families effectively sell the belongings they need to auction off, in a simple and hassle-free way online. Traditional In-person auctions can prove difficult to manage, so many of our clients love the ease of use of our online estate auctions services.

How Does CT Bids Sell My Belongings?

When your item is placed on our CT Bids application, you’re still in complete control of them and have the ability to manipulate how they are old. Here is a quick walkthrough to understand each of the allowed categories from our online estate auctions services:

  • Auction Items: These items go up for sale at a specific price you set, and buyers will go into a bidding war until the item has sold. 
  • Fixed-Price: If you aren’t a fan of bidding and you have a very specific price in mind that you would like for your item, you can set it up to be sold at that price with no bidding allowed. It would simply be first come first serve to the buyers. 
  • Classified Ad: Owners will upload a complete Ad featuring images of the product, the price, shipping cost and any additional information about the item. Once the item sells the seller must end the classified ad. 
  • Buy Now: In this process, the item will be available for instant purchase at a specific price from the seller to the buyer. 
  • Reserve: If the seller is concerned about not getting the right value out of selling an item, in the Reserve option they can set a price point that the buyers cannot see. Once the auction is over if the reserve price wasn’t achieved the seller can decide to either take the highest bid or reset their reserve price.

To learn more about our online estate auctions platform, CT Bids, please contact us through our website form or call us at (540) 368-6092!

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