Saving Money Buying Used

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If the post-Christmas shopping has your budget seeing red, there are some ways to change your shopping habits and save some money!

Buying things secondhand or slightly used is a great way to get expensive things for cheap.  Have you ever shopped our Caring Transitions online auctions or estate sales?  Our sales are often loaded with high-end brand names for a fraction of the price. 

When it comes to clothes, look on special websites or local stores where designer labels may be discounted. Secondhand stores sometimes specialize in baby clothes. They usually are full of products and clothes that may only have been used for a few months. When it comes to gold and fine jewelry, check with friends or family that are selling their pieces. Likely, you'll be able to pay them more than a pawn shop. Often auctions (online or in person) will have a wide selection of vintage clothes and jewelry.  Gold, Sterling Silver, and Coins are also common pieces to find in our sales. 

Big and often expensive items like furniture, cars, tools, and sports equipment can also be purchased second hand or used. The furniture may need a fresh coat of paint or stain, but will save you a lot of money in the long run.   Vintage and Mid-Century Modern Furniture are popular items for our buyers.  Our estate sales are often a good place to find all of these types of items in one place.

And don't forget, you can also find smaller things like books, DVD's, music, or instruments used and still in good shape. Again, estate sales and auction sales are great sources for these!  You never know what you might find in a CT Online Auction

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